Wide Bangle in Burgundy Wide Scale Python Snakeskin.

Bangle 44 


Wide Bangle in Natural Wide Scale Python Snakeskin

Bangle  SOLD


Wide Bangle in Black Wide Scale Python Snakeskin.

Bangle 44


Hand Made Womens Python Snakeskin Bangles

 Wide Python Snakeskin Cuff Bangles

 Python Snakeskin Bangle Stacks

See the Python Bangle Stacks Gallery

Prices quoted above are for each set of three bangles. The variation in price is relative to the size and skin of each set.

All the bangles are about 2.5 inches diameter and should fit over a small to medium size hand. If your hands are broad I would recommend the python cuff bracelets as these are adjustable or the python wrap bracelets as these fasten with clasps. The narrower bangles are wrapped and lined with one piece of snakeskin and the wider bangles are wrapped and lined with a separate piece of snakeskin or leather.

Please note my Python Snakeskin Bangles are only for sale within the EU

Set of Three Bangles Handmade in Natural Glazed Python Snakeskin.

12mm 20mm 42mm  SOLD


Set of Three Bangles wrapped in Turquoise and Blue Hand Painted Python with Natural Markings.

12mm 30mm 42mm   85


Set of Three Bangles Handmade in   Python Snakeskin dyed a Rich Tan colour with Natural Markings.

20mm 30mm 42mm   82


Hand Painted Python Snakeskin Bangles

Natural Python Snakeskin Bangles

Tan Python Snakeskin Bangles

Wide  Natural Python Snakeskin Cuff Bangle

Wide Burgundy Python Snakeskin Cuff Bangle

Wide Black Python Snakeskin Cuff Bangle

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