Individual Leather Necklaces set with Semi Precious Stones

 Black Leather Necklace with Jasper


Pretty Black and White Leather Necklace Set with a Hematite Stone. 



Necklace  SOLD





Beautiful Leather Necklace Set with a Slab of Jasper and Trimmed with Toning Coloured Leathers. 


Necklace  76






Soft Grey Leather Necklace set with a Cabochon  of Beautiful Mustard Jasper. So Individual! 



Necklace  SOLD




























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 Black & White Leather Necklace with Crystals

Black Leather Necklace with Jasper Stone and Brown Trim

Jasper with Leather Decoration. Stunning

Black & White Leather Necklace with Hematite

Black and White Leather with Hematite Stone

Grey Leather Necklace with Mustard Jasper Stone

Jasper Cabochon Decorated with Leather in Toning Shades

 Black & White Leather Necklace with Hematite

Black and White Leather Necklace with Tiny Black Crystals b

Black and White Leather with Tiny Black Crystals


Striking Black and White Leather Necklace set with Tiny Black Crystals.


Necklace  48





 Grey Leather Necklace with Jasper

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